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Whether at $2 Million or $40 Million, every company’s revenue stalls during certain stages in its growth.

The question to answer during this stage is:

How can we improve our salespeople and sales processes to achieve next level growth?

That’s where Bob Paskins comes in.


Bob partners with companies to drive sales growth.

After 20 years growing a successful...he noticed a consistent trend...growth was stalled due to either the sales processes or the sales people in place.

He developed The Growth Matrix to help companies identify and overcome the specific barriers that were blocking the next stage in their revenue growth.

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Through keynotes and consulting partnerships, Bob uses the Growth Matrix to develop sales people, processes, and overall performance.

Here’s how...



Coaching assess your employees barriers to growth and discusses how they can break through these roadblocks in order to attain their ultimate goals. Coaching asks... do your employees have a personal growth plan? Are they developing both personally and professionally?


Achievement studies if you are consistently exceeding your corporate goals. Achievement asks... are individuals surpassing their goals? Have you forecasted out a plan envisioning what the company will look like in 12 months, 24 months, and 60 months?

development +

Developmemt looks into the health of your team dynamics and sales culture. Development asks... are there personnel changes that need to be made for the overall strength of the team? How do you locate new employees? Is there a consistent internal and external brand in place?


Tracking serves as the accountability system that measures how each individual is performing. Tracking reviews your sales meetings for their effectiveness and asks... does each team member knows the company's goals, their own personal goals, and if they have the pipeline to achieve those goals?


Motivation tests to see if your team can state the value proposition of your product or service. Motivation asks... do your employees know your core values, mission statement and company vision? Do you know what factors motivate people to either work for your company or want to work for your company?


Disicovery examines the key differentiation factors and uniqueness your company offers to your client base. Discovery asks... are you utilizing those differentiators to effectively leverage them to win business? Do you have a strategic plan to seek out additional clients you desire?


Here’s a quick assessment to identify the current status of your sales program:

Take the online GROWTH MATRIX assessment to see how your company and sales department are performing.


What you can expect after working with Bob:

• A unified company vision, mission, and value proposition

• Distinction in your ideal clients and how to attract similar prospects.

• Collaboration between sales departments creating a healthy sales culture

• Defined & tracked sales metrics, sales performances, and CRM systems.

• Confident sales people who have identified their blindspots & are leveraging their strengths.

• Desired annual revenue goals with a clear forecast for the next 12, 24, and 60 months.


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