Hi, I'm Bob

I’m a professional speaker, trainer, motivator, and a likeable guy who looks to inspire people to unlock their full potential.  

I live right outside of Portland, OR with my wife and three boys.  Yes, I own a minivan.

My story

Throughout my life I’ve always been passionate about meeting people where they are and showing them what is possible.  Whether it’s winning over and serving my clients throughout the West Coast, or as a volunteer with inner city teens in San Francisco, engaging with people has been a consistent thread in my life.

While I was incredibly successful in my sales career, my passion has evolved into empowering others to create the same level of success.  I get charged up sharing my learnings with others.

I believe in the power of storytelling.  Storytelling is an effective way to quickly build trust as well as articulate my message.   Good stories capture your attention, they are great connectors, and they a remembered far longer than a one page outline with bullet points.

I’ve been married to my wife, Danielle, for 14 years.  When we first started dating, she was surprised that this guy who could make everyone laugh but also had depth and substance.  We now have 3 young boys and our family is full of love, laughter…and a lot of loud noises.  

I find that people who hire me are a lot like me.  We share high levels of integrity.  We are hardworking,  We feel that it is important to improve every day.  We value connection with other people and want to make our world (or at least our little slice of it better than we found it.

"I have had the pleasure of seeing Bob speak. He is brilliant at using humor and storytelling to make even the hardest concepts memorable. Strap into your seats and prepare to learn and be entertained. "

- Dr. Jason Anderson