"I have had the pleasure of seeing Bob speak.  He is brilliant at using humor and storytelling to make even the hardest concepts memorable. Strap into your seats and prepare to learn and be entertained. "

- Dr. Jason Anderson



Most Impactful Messages

Entertain. Elevate.  Empower.

Taking a Sledgehammer to the Traditional Sales Model:  The traditional sales model is as antiquated as the typewriter.  Yet, when businesses are not hitting their goals, or are bringing in new sales people, their first thought is to fall back on these outdated methods.   Bob shares a better way, a forward thinking progression, that has achieved proven results with significantly less burnout on the sales force. 

Choosing to Win The Client Instead of Just Winning the Business.  You just got the “Yes” from the client.  Congratulations!  Guess what?  Now instead of the hunter, you become the hunted.  Bob shares how to not just win the contract, but ultimately win over the client through understanding the First Four Foundational Steps as well as focusing on achieving the five “I Words” in every meeting.   

Moving From Product Inundation to Personal Revelation:  How many of you have left a vendor meeting thinking, that was on hour I can’t get back again or what a complete waste of time, who taught that guy how to sell?  I think we all have.  Bob reveals three fundamental methodologies which will transform your sales team from simply knowing what to sell to fully understanding how to sell.


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