Quarterly events focused on evaluating the overall performance of your sales program.   At Breakaway events, clients gain clarity on their own company's core values as well as the value proposition they provide for their clients.   They develop and fine tune a repeatable sales process.  Clients discover and identify who their ideal clients as well as how to attract more quality customers.  A Tracking system is established to monitor sales metrics and provide accountability to the team.  Goals, both short term and long term, are set along with creating a workable pathway to achieve desired results.  BREAKAWAY EVENTS are transformative - resulting in both immediate success as well as a establishing the groundwork for a revenue growth for years to come.


Ten group seminars focusing on producing more clients, increasing overall efficiency throughout the sales process, and drastically increasing company revenue.  In these seminars, participants will learn how to powerfully connect with new prospects, discover the key differentiating factors they posses, create effective stories to capture prospective clients, courageously ask for referrals, overcome client objections that will come up throughout the sales process,  prioritize your prospecting behaviors, and create an urgency for the prospect to purchase your product or service.  BREAKOUT SEMINARS are offered in weekly sales sessions, or can be condensed for sales training functions.


Monthly individual coaching and consulting program for sales executives, sales managers, and/or sales team members.  BREAKTHROUGH COACHING looks to elevate the participant by assessing professional performance, offering insight to better their performance, providing third party perspective on identifying unseen roadblocks, and discussing how to break through these barriers to achieve their ultimate goals.